Animal Communication

What would your pet tell you if she had a voice? What if you could have a deeper understanding of your pet’s messages to you?
I specialize in communicating with animals. Some people might call this animal telepathy, pet psychic or pet medium. Whatever you call it, what I love the most is connecting people to the deeper wisdom of their animal friends.
I’ve had animal companions of one kind or another my whole life. Often I’ve had special relationships with animals. I have worked professionally with animals in one way or another since 2002 (Animal Control and pet/house sitting primarily).
My study in animal communication began in 2014 when one of my cats became quite ill. After many, many sessions with other animal communicators and several basic animal communication courses, I set out to practice, practice, practice my own animal communication skills.
A friend who was also a student of animal communication and I decided to practice together. We spent hours and hours communicating with our own animal companions as well as other pets and even wild animals over the course of a year and a half.
It was a fun project for us, one that brought us immense joy. Over those many months, the animals taught us all kinds of different lessons – about them, about ourselves, about each other, about humans and life. We only had to ask the questions and they would answer. It was a place where our childlike curiosity could run wild. More than 250 hours of animal communication practices after my friend and I first started, my animal friends encouraged me to offer my skills as an animal communicator to the world.

How Does Animal Communication Work?

What happens during an animal communication session?

The goal of the session is to give the animal a voice. Animals can have the most interesting and curious things to say when we give them the space to express what they want! I connect with your animal friend telepathically – we do not need to be physically in the same place to do that. I usually use a photo of your pet to connect with them. I then relay what they share with me – this may be through images, feelings, words, smells and more.

I think of myself as your animal translator and I do my best to share everything your animal friend conveys to me. I also have questions I move through as they seem appropriate, and pet owners can ask questions too. This is an interactive experience, and animals are usually very interested to engage with their humans in this way.

Sometimes animals want to receive energetic healing work and they ask for it in a session. Similar to humans, when animals have negative or traumatic experiences, the experience can get stuck in their energy. The technique I employ can help to release these emotional scars from the animal’s energy. I do this with the animal’s and the owner’s consent.

Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST for short) is a gentle, non-invasive healing technique that balances the polarities and energy in and around the body. The technique can be done both in person and at a distance. I was certified in BEST in 2011 and have used the technique extensively with humans and other animals.

BEST was originally developed by a chiropractor for healing on humans. A special BEST procedure was adapted for infants, young children and animals. I was drawn to learn the animal BEST procedure for my own pets, and as I have spoken with more and more animals, they have asked or encouraged me to use the technique with them. This does not come up in all sessions, but if it does, it usually requires less than 5 minutes of our session time.

Thirty minutes is usually enough time to talk with 2 animals at most; sixty minutes is usually enough time for 4 animals.

If you have a problem or serious issue with one or more of your pets, it is best to allow at least 30 minutes per animal.

And, yes, I can communicate with your animal friends who are no longer with us in the physical world, although it is best to wait at least 7 days after their passing to do a session.

If you have questions, write them down and bring them with you!

Sessions are conducted via Zoom and are recorded so you can listen back later if you wish. You can connect with me in Zoom via computer, tablet, mobile, or regular telephone. Detailed instructions will be sent once your session is scheduled.

Is Your Pet Lost?

If you are here because your pet is lost, please send me an email and tell me a bit about your situation. I don’t personally work with lost companion animals, but I likely can refer you to another animal communicator who does.

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Look forward to connecting with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you talk to deceased animals?

Yes, with the only caveat being if your animal friend is recently deceased, it is best to wait at least one week after their passing to do a session.

Are sessions remote or in person?

99% of the time private animal communication sessions are conducted remotely via Zoom. If you feel there is some special circumstance that we need to meet in person and you live in Boulder County, Colorado please send me a message describing your situation.

If you're curious about workshops and practice sessions, these have also been delivered remotely since 2020. It's possible that in-person workshops will resume in 2021 depending on how the pandemic continues to unfold. Be sure to join the newsletter to learn about upcoming events.

Do you work with lost pets?

No, I don't do communications with lost pets at this time. If your pet is lost, send me a message and I will do my best to connect you with an animal communicator who does work with lost pets.

Do you do healing for animals?

Yes. I am trained in Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST) and frequently use this healing technique with animals when appropriate. This technique can be implemented during remote sessions. This is most frequently part of an animal communication session, not a separate session on its own.

How do I sign up for a session?

Go here to book your session:

Can you teach me how to communicate with my animal friends?

If you're interested to learn how to communicate with your animal friends, I suggest you sign up for the Introduction to Animal Communication Workshop. Workshops are offered throughout the year virtually. It's possible that in-person workshops will resume in 2021.

Can my friend and/or relative join in on the session?

Yes, anyone you would like to be with you during the session is welcome. Please keep in mind that you will want a quiet space during the session, so if you have young children or other distractions in your space you may want to make arrangements so you can be fully present.

If your friend/relative lives in the same location as you, certainly invite them to be in the room with you. If they live in a different location, all you need to do is forward the email with the directions about how to join the session to your friend/relative, and as long as they are somewhat savvy with Zoom and technology, it should be no problem for them to join us.

Can you help diagnose a health problem with my animal?

I'm not a vet or other licensed animal health professional, so I cannot give you a diagnosis for any health problems.

What I can do is relay how your animal is feeling, relay anything they tell me about symptoms they are experiencing, and relay anything else I see from my own vision about their physical bodies or their energy. Some vets and animal health professionals are open to hearing this type of information, and this may aid your vet in providing an more accurate diagnosis for your animal.

Although animal communication and traditional veterinary care can compliment each other, animal communication is never a substitute for proper veterinary care.

Clients Say....

Thank you for the lovely session. It was very nice to sit in vision space with someone so talented and I am better able to rest on my column knowing the cats are there with me spiritually. The session with you brought me so much comfort and peace at a time when I really needed it. I was doubting my own ability to connect with my cats, and you helped restore my confidence in myself.

Since that time, my relationship with the cats who share my home has deepened and I am trusting myself more which is making it easier for me to flow with the changes in my life. " -Rebecca Andrews, self-employed single mom, Austin, Texas

Tracy has read all of my animals before and even horses I've considered adopting and she has always been very accurate and helpful! Often she confirms a feeling I have about them and sometimes there is new information I needed to know as well. Regardless, I find the animal communication readings with her really help me to bond better with my critters as I better understand them and they also feel heard. I highly recommend a session with her! -Kate Neligan - Equine-Partnered Life/Career Coach, Longmont, CO

That was really an amazing session today. It was different than I expected-- which is probably to be expected. I think you have an incredible gift, and I thank you so much for sharing it with me. I have only positives to say about you. I really appreciated learning of who you are through the Timebank so now I can have you as a resource for my pets. I definitely would recommend you highly to my family and friends! -Gina, pet owner, Maryland

The session yesterday was excellent. I am very impressed by your skill. You got the essence of each of them and the communications seemed very clear. Thank you! -Karen Chen, Texas

Sashi and I wanted to let you know that she made it through our three week vacation with no problems at all. She was happy to see us when we got home and has been coming to be petted more often. We also bought canned cat food that is mostly tuna and she loves it. Thanks so much for your help.
I just wanted to tell you again how wonderful your animal sessions have been to watch during this pandemic I am sitting on my patio watching all of the birds and squirrels and have so much more of an understanding and appreciation of them now. Thank you so much for that my friend. -Nancy Chinn, Michigan

Loved the workshop! Tracy and Kate are wonderful teachers who really love animals. They offered large and small group experiences where we could practice connecting with live animals and photos of animals and get feedback. I was so encouraged.. -Animal Communication & Horse Wisdom Online Workshop participant

Thank you so much Tracy!! Your compassion and love for animals is beyond amazing. After losing our sweet dog, you were able to help me with closure and understanding the final transition hours. I am so grateful for you. You are such a special person with a very special gift. Again, thank you for all you have done for our beloved dog and our family. You are truly amazing! -Laura Phillips

Learn more about Animal Communication

How does one decide to become an animal communicator? In this video I share about my own journey.

In this video I share about a resource that has helped me move through grief after the loss of a beloved animal friend.

In this video my friend and I share about our own experiences with animal communication and how it opened up our worlds and brought magic into our lives.

Upcoming Animal Communication Events

Intro to Animal Communication

Jan 23rd, 2021, 10am-1pm MT

Have you been curious about animal communication and how you can learn or improve your skills to connect with the animals in your life?

We all have an ability to connect with animals but sometimes we need more support to learn specific ways to communicate and have deeper relationships.

As we know, animals have an incredible ability to give unconditional love and through this, we can become our best selves. Just being with animals elevates our hearts and spirits. Many of us also want to give back to them and learn from their wisdom. This is a unique chance to do just that!

Join us ONLINE for this virtual workshop. During our time together, you will be guided by Animal Communicator Tracy Pierce who will provide space and coaching as you play with and receive insight remotely from our animal friends.

Learn more and register here:

Animal Communication Practice Session

Feb 13, 10-11:30am MT

Ready to practice your Animal Communication skills?

You’ve taken some basic animal communication classes, you’ve learned WHAT to do to communicate with animals… now what? Well, practice of course.

Whether you’re looking to make regular practice a new routine, get some support in getting started with your practices, or build confidence with your skills, these practice sessions can be a great place to not just get started but to continue making animal communication a more regular part of your life.

Open to anyone who has taken a basic, introductory level animal communication course, either with me, or someone else.

Learn more and register here:

Animal Communication Practice Session

March 13, 10-11:30am MT

Ready to practice your Animal Communication skills?

You’ve taken some basic animal communication classes, you’ve learned WHAT to do to communicate with animals… now what? Well, practice of course.

Whether you’re looking to make regular practice a new routine, get some support in getting started with your practices, or build confidence with your skills, these practice sessions can be a great place to not just get started but to continue making animal communication a more regular part of your life.

Open to anyone who has taken a basic, introductory level animal communication course, either with me, or someone else.

Learn more and register here:

More About Tracy…

I’ve been called a futuristic and visionful consultant and have extensive experience in animal communication, home alchemy, organizing, systems, clutter clearing, and holistic wellness.
My Key Strengths:
Maximizer – capacity to identify greatest strengths in situations and individuals and bring them forward
Futuristic – commitment to fostering long-term relationships and goals
Connectedness – passion for unifying people with the right resources and other people
Vision- ability to penetrate the depths of a problem and see solutions from beyond the ordinary mind
Diligence – dedication to never giving up
If you’d like a more complete list of my work experience and education you can view that on my LinkedIn profile, but what has given me the best tools to use in my various endeavors with clients has been gained through deep and diligent meditation and spiritual practices.
Although I had been interested in spirituality since my teens, my deeper journey into meditation and spiritual practices began in 2010. I found that through these practices I have developed new ways to see the whole world around me. These meditation practices, along with a lot of encouragement from my animal friends, also led me to becoming an animal communicator.

Animal Communication Code of Ethics

My highest aspiration for this work is to give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves (in a way that most humans understand).
My mission is to connect humans to the deeper wisdom of their animal friends. In recognition of the importance of this higher purpose, I Tracy Pierce commit to the highest ethical and professional conduct:
I commit myself to compassion for all animals and humans who present themselves to me.
I honor all who come to me for animal communication without judging, condemning or invalidating any past mistakes or misunderstandings. I honor clients’ desire for harmony and change.
I commit to using communications for the greatest and highest good of all involved.
I respect the privacy of clients and keep session information confidential.
I commit to creating an atmosphere of safety so that those whose voices need to be heard can be heard.
I am not a licensed veterinarian or other licensed animal health professional. Therefore, I do not diagnose medical or health problems and will refer clients to licensed animal professionals for proper diagnosis.
I am aware that telepathic communication can be clouded by my own emotional issues or judgements. Because of this, I am committed to my own continual spiritual and self growth.
I aim for all communications to be pure and my intention is always for the highest good and well being of all involved. I put aside my own morals, opinions, fears and personal issues during sessions so that all communications may be as unadulterated as possible.

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